SPRING700 - Spring Gift Basket

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Distressed Handled Cutting Board with engraved Bunny. Cutting Board is made in Wisconsin by persons with disabilities. 

6oz K'Nuckle- A Medley of Popcorn, Almonds and Luscious White Fudge

6oz CC Winkle-a Medley of Caramel Corn and Cashews dipped in Luscious Fudge 

6oz of East Shore Pretzels

12oz of White Beer Bread Mix

7oz Bavaria Salami from Bavaria Kitchens

2- 2oz pair of Landjager's from Bavaria Kitchens

2- Van Holtens Pickles

3oz Dark Chocolate covered cranberries

3oz White Chocolate covered Cranberries

3.75oz Onion and Chive Cheese Spread

3.75oz Asiago Garlic Cheese Spread

6oz Shelf Stable Cranberry Cheese

6oz Shelf Stable Vegetable Cheese

Spring Time Camembert Cheese Spread

Tuscan Bread Dipping Gourmet Dip Mix by Lambs and Thyme

Roasted Garlic Bread Dipping Gourmet Dip Mix by Lambs and Thyme

12oz of Vanilla Honey Spread  by Honey Acres

5- Chocolate Covered Honey Mix Candies by Honey Acres

Chicken Wire and Burlap Basket

5 real looking Tulips