EL4514 9.9oz Artichoke & Sweet Red Pepper Bruchettas


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EL4514 9.9oz Artichoke & Sweet Red Pepper Bruchettas Our Mediterranean inspired bruschettas are fresh and versatile. They’re a pantry staple and perfect for easy entertaining. The best recipes start with superior ingredients preserved at the peak of flavor. Elki’s bruschetta’s shine with impeccable freshness and the hearty texture of artichokes, tomatoes, asparagus and smoky sweet peppers. No home cook should be without this gourmet staple that you can add to anything from fish to beef, pasta, appetizers to toppings for vegetables, omelets and potatoes.  A tasty, piquant blend of sun ripened artichokes, sweet red peppers and spices. Rich, hearty texture and mild heat. Bon Appetite!

Suggested Uses:  Enjoy on a toasted baguette or ELKI cracker. Toss with hot or cold pasta dishes. Use on seafood, grilled meats, as a pizza topping, Panini/sandwich spread, as a bread dipper or on a baked potato with bacon and chives.