EL4512 10oz Basil Pesto w/Parmesan and Romano


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EL4512 10oz Basil Pesto w/Parmesan and Romano, Our pestos and tapenades are versatile and delicious. A cut above the rest, with fresh ingredients and full of flavor. Spread on a toasted baguette or Elki cracker; toss with hot or cold pasta dishes; use with seafood, chicken, vegetables, as a bread dipper, panini spread or in your favorite omelet. Bon Appetite!  A classic Mediterranean treat. Uniquely nut-free and full of flavor.
Fresh, aromatic basil, garlic and both Parmesan and Romano cheeses make this a delightfully flavorful gourmet pesto. Unlike a traditional pesto, which contains pine nuts in its list of ingredients, Elki brings you a nut-free pesto blend that has an amazingly robust flavor and incredible texture thanks to its combination of coarsely grated cheeses. Nutty Parmesan cheese and salty, sharp Romano cheese help give this unique gourmet pesto a mouthful of intense flavor.
Suggested Uses: Toss with hot or cold pasta dishes, use on seafood, including pesto crusted salmon or BBQ prawn skewers, grilled beef, chicken, lamb, vegetables. Use as a Panini spread bread dipper, on caprese or as a pizza sauce.