8169 12oz Raw Honey Spread Honey Acres Kosher

Honey Acres

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8169 12oz Raw Honey Spread Honey Acres

One of our most popular products, our Raw Honey, formerly known as Extra Virgin Honey, is unfiltered/raw honey. The natural enzymes and pollen are retained, and it's the closest you can get to eating right out of the hive! We utilize honeys natural tendency to crystallize and control that crystallization process to form a smooth and spreadable consistency. This honey has an extremely floral and sweet flavor, imparted on it by the mix of flowers that our bees visit during late spring (Basswood) and early summer (Clover). Perfect for a true honey Connoisseur.

All our poured honey products are made with Wisconsin Honey!

Spread it on toast or drop a spoonful in tea, use it as a dip or enjoy a plain big spoonful!
Kosher Certified & Gluten Free Certified & Dairy Free