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Our management team has more than 41 years of experience in the specialty food industry.


Derek Thielke 34 years in the specialty food industry comes from working for Mille-Lacs, Drangle Foods, Lactoprot USA, Owl’s Nest Cheese and Swiss Colony. Derek’s expertise includes developing package designs and product formulation for the gift industry and selling to the specialty food trade. Contact Derek via email: dthielke@northwoodscheese.com

Angela Thielke will be joining us in June 2019 full time.  An artist and a very creative person, Angela has been assisting us over the past 7 years designing labels, creating new gift designs, and designing rustic containers.  You will notice her influence whenever you see the name Rustic Wraps in our product descriptions or categories.  Contact Angela via email: angelathielke@rusticwraps.com

Commitment to Our Community

Northwoods Cheese Company has created a partnership with Greenco Industries. This organization coordinates the efforts of Sheltered Workshops employing persons with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. Our mutual goal is to provide full and meaningful employment for persons with disabilities. We have assisted Greenco Industries in designing a Holiday Gift Program. This program combines baskets and cutting boards with cheese and other food items. These components are assembled into gift products at the workshops.

Our goal is to perfect this “Wisconsin Model” program utilizing Sheltered Workshops to create everyday household products. Northwoods Cheese Company plans to take this unprecedented, private industry initiative to every state in the nation and every nation in the world. Your support of this program enables persons with disabilities to achieve dignity through work and contribute back to the community.

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