SFB06 5oz Pepper Jack Beef Stick Scholze Family Farm

Scholze Family Beef

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SFB06 5oz Pepper Jack Beef Stick Scholze Family Farm 

Grown in Wisconsin, refrigerate after opening 

Who is Scholze Farms?

We are the Farm! Truly, no middlemen or brokers or anything else.  It is our cattle that our family has been well raising and well caring for; for generations since 1949. Our cattle is born and raised stress-free on our Wisconsin farm so we, and our veterinarians, track each and everyone of them. Our cattle freely roam our 200+ acres of pasture; that is why our meat is tender and full of the natural delicious flavors of fresh beef.

What does this mean to you, to your family and ours? Safety! When you buy our products, you know the source of the meat you and your children are consuming. We feed our families the same meat.

Healthy USDA inspected and approved meat products from our farm delivered directly to your home.