2204 8oz Wild Morel & Leek Jack Meister Cheese

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2204 8oz Wild Morel & Leek Jack Meister Cheese, semi-soft Monterey Jack is blended with wild, earthy morel mushrooms and delicately flavored leeks, creamy, uniquely flavored cheese, pairs well with light wines and is the original Morel & Leek Jack ever produced!  Naturally Lactose Free, 100% Natural, Gluten Free, vegetarian.  Cows First™ is an innovative animal welfare program developed by Meister Cheese that encourages the fair treatment of cows in the dairy industry. Farms that are Cows First-certified produce milk of the highest quality in a sustainable manner. Meister Cheese pays premium prices to these dairy farmers, who follow Cows First™ animal welfare standards.  Meister Cheese and our customers proudly display the Cows First™ logo on all cheeses made with milk from certified farms. When shoppers see this mark, they can feel good about their purchase.