2201 8oz 5yr Old Aged Cheddar Meister Cheese

Meister Cheese

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2201 8oz 5yr Old Aged Cheddar Meister Cheese, A hard cheese with an earthy and nutty taste. Full-flavored with a bit more texture. Patience and time allow this Cheddar cheese to develop its tangy, complex flavor. Its firm, slightly crumbly body (or texture) and flavor continue to develop as aging continues. Naturally Lactose Free, 100% Natural, Gluten Free, vegetarian.  Cows First™ is an innovative animal welfare program developed by Meister Cheese that encourages the fair treatment of cows in the dairy industry. Farms that are Cows First-certified produce milk of the highest quality in a sustainable manner. Meister Cheese pays premium prices to these dairy farmers, who follow Cows First™ animal welfare standards.  Meister Cheese and our customers proudly display the Cows First™ logo on all cheeses made with milk from certified farms. When shoppers see this mark, they can feel good about their purchase.

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