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1212 Lifetime Cholesterol Reducing Cheddar Cheese 8oz

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Lifetime Cholesterol Reducing Cheddar Cheese. This Lifetime Low Fat Cheese contains an amazing ingredient called Plant Sterols. Plant Sterols are derived from plants and are a natural cholesterol reducer. It has been scientifically documented that eating a small amount of Plant Sterols daily along with a healthy diet and exercise can reduce your bad blood cholesterol level 8-15%! RBST free. No Animal Rennet. Gluten Free

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  • 5
    Love this cheese!

    Posted by Janet on Nov 3rd 2020

    I can't find this cheese in any local grocery stores, so I order 3-4 of them twice a year (spring and fall when it's cooler). It tastes and melts just like regular cheese. I bet if I made someone a grilled cheese sandwich with it and didn't tell them it was low fat they would never know it wasn't "regular" cheese. I just wish they would offer a pre-sliced version.

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    Great product

    Posted by Sally on Jul 14th 2020

    Shipped nicely and tastes great!

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    What is the sorcery

    Posted by David Carson on May 18th 2020

    I have to say the first time I heard about this cheese I'd heard that it was actually really good tasting cheese for very low fat. I decided to take a chance and it is absolutely amazing how much this tasted like full fat cheese even though it has a fraction of the fat content. I buy this this stuff exclusively now it's that good!

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    Gluten Free Low Fat Cheddar

    Posted by Dolores Schoenfeld on May 8th 2020

    We really like the Low Fat Cheddar.

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    Wonderful product!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 18th 2020

    I love this cheese! I was looking at cheese alternatives due to elevated cholesterol and they all seemed like poor substitutes, so I had given up on eating cheese. This product tastes and melts just like real cheese! I wouldn't hesitate to serve it to guests. I doubt they would even have a hint that it wasn't regular cheese. I just wish there was a pre-sliced version. That would be awesome!

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    Reduces Cholesterol

    Posted by DJ on Oct 1st 2019

    Great cheese

  • 5
    Lifetime Low Fat Cheddar

    Posted by Keith Adams on Aug 15th 2019

    good flavor and texture. An excellent product. I wish it was available in a cheese stick.

  • 5
    Lifetime cheese is out of this world

    Posted by Jinx on May 31st 2019

    It's the nonfat sharp cheddar that I'm crazy about. I have to watch cholesterol, and I was so tired of cardboard tasting or artificial tasting cheese. This cheese is rich and creamy-as good as regular cheese. Thank you Lifetime. It's worth the price!

  • 4
    Lifetime Low Fat Cheddar

    Posted by Keith Adams on Apr 8th 2019

    I wish Lifetime would make a low fat cheddar snack stick