2212 Weyauwega Mozzarella Cheese Bar 8oz

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2212 Weyauwega Mozzarella Cheese Bar 8oz, Made in Wisconsin.  Mozzarella offers a delicate flavor that’s milky and mild. Great for melting, its texture is soft and moist when fresh, and more dense when packaged. Whole milk mozzarella is richer in taste and is excellent for baking, while part-skim mozzarella is lighter in flavor and browns faster in the oven. Mozzarella cheese became popular in the United States after World War II, when American GIs returned home with stories of a fantastic new food they discovered in Italy … pizza. Beyond making pizza delicious, mozzarella also complements poultry, pasta, crusty breads and vegetables — especially fresh tomatoes and basil to make a Caprese salad. It pairs well with chardonnay, Chianti and pinot noir.